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"Arcsi" Ltd. is a company performing services related to geodesy, cadastre and designing - geodetic surveying of all type of objects, preparation of cadastral maps and modifying projects, vertical planning and designing of objects, stakeout of buildings, properties, property boundaries, farmland and forests, points, GPS measurements. Below is shown the full range of provided services. If you are interested in prices for a service, don't worry to send inquiry to us or to call the telephone numbers listed in the contacts page.

Flights with drones and construction of 3D maps

NEW! Flights with drones and construction of 3D maps

The company offers new solutions in the designing and construction of 3D maps based on flights with drones, which can calculate volumes, squares and make orthophoto plans. We have last generation drones with a 20 megapixel camera resolution and flight durability of up to 30 minutes.

Geodetic surveying of objects

We perform geodetic surveying of any kind of objects (buildings, properties, farmland, etc.), including processing of the data into a folders according to their subsequent use.

Produces of cadastral maps and cadastral registers

"Arcsi" Ltd. produces cadastral maps of whole settlements, including the cadastral registers with the owner's data.

Preparing of projects about modifying of cadastral maps and registers

"Arcsi" Ltd. produces projects about modifying of contours of the buildings within the cadastral maps of GCCA. The company prepares also and a projects about entering the data for individual units of property (apartments, garages, etc.) and about their owners.

Stakeout of objects

The company provides stakeout of newly designed building, stakeout of a property and property boundaries, stakeout of agricultural land and forests, stakeout of individual points.

Preparing of projects about investment designing

We make projects about Geodesy part for investment design projects, including vertical planning and designing of longitudinal and cross sections, vertical alignment and stakeout plans.

Designing of roads and parking lots

"Arcsi" Ltd. offers designing of roads, parking lots and other linear objects. The projects includes geodetic surveying, construction of longitudinal and cross sections, designing and preparation of vertical alignment and stakeout plans with the coordinates of the main points.

Partition of a land properties

The company offers project preparation for the partition of a land properties, including the preparation of all documentation needed for the partition.

Digitization and vectorization of maps

"Arcsi" Ltd. makes digitization and vectorization of maps and other drawings from paper to digital format.

Establishment of supporting geodetic networks and working geodetic bases

Our company has extensive experience in the designing and calculation of supporting geodetic networks and working geodetic bases.

Three-dimensional modeling, visualization and calculation of volumes

"Arcsi" Ltd. offers three-dimensional modeling of objects and processing of data for visualization and calculation of volumes.

Development of software upgrades for CAD-systems

"Arcsi" Ltd. has software upgrades for CAD-systems supporting C++ and LISP with applications for cadastre, roads and vertical planning.