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For all the years after its establishment "Arcsi" Ltd. has developed many different in scale and size projects. Here are show the significant and the major projects completed by us or with our mainly participation in chronological order.

>   Preparing projects about land division of 8 villages in the municipalities Tsenovo, Isperih and Lukovit

>   Creation of cadastral plans of Chirpan, Bozhurishte and Stolipinovo (Plovdiv)

>   Preparing of regulation and vertical alignment projects of Silistra, Elena and Bozhurishte

>   Precision geodetic measurments, three-dimensional terrain modeling and calculating volumes of collapsed earth of mine of Chelopech

>   Precision geodetic measurments, three-dimensional terrain modeling and calculating volumes of careers in villages Yabylkovo and Garvanovo (Haskovo)

>   Three-dimensional terrain modeling and calculating of the volume of the "Ivaylovgrad" dam

>   Three-dimensional terrain modeling and construction of profiles of the riverbed of Danube for "Danube Bridge 2" next to Vidin

>   Designing and rehabilitation of 210 km of roads throughout the country

>  Geodetic surveying, calculating of volumes, vertical planning, stakeout and landmass cartogram of sites for treatment of municipal waste - villages of Yana, Khan Bogrov and towns of Isperih, Kubrat, Tsar Kaloyan, Vetovo, Samuil, Razgrad, Strelcha and Panagyurishte

>   Surveying and designing of some streets and parking lots in Sofia

>   Creation of cadastral maps and cadastral registers of Silistra, Alfatar and Aydemir

>   Geodetic surveying and preparation of project about rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage networks of Tryn

>   Geodesic surveying of 60 km section of the Bulgarian-Turkish border, in connection with the project for building of foot-wall

>  Participation in the preparation of investment project about strengthening and reconstruction of 64 km temporary field roads for servicing of wind park with the power of 120MW

>  Participation in the creation of a specialized map of "Evksinograd" residence next to Varna

>  Geodetic surveying and preparation of vertical alignment project of the entire street network of Ivaylovgrad

>  Creation of specialized maps and registers of the beaches in the land of Durankulak and Krapets, Shabla municipality

>  Producing of the cadastral maps and registers of Ilinden municipality, Sofia